About the Artist

My artistic expression and challenge is to refine the human figure to basic and almost geometric forms. I love to use simple body postures and language to portray an emotional idea or story. All of my bronze works are an expression of human emotion and connectedness. My little couples and families convey an inseparable bond that forms as a result of deep love and sense of togetherness. I have spent years and created hundreds of sculptures in the pursuit of the beauty found in refined forms that capture the essence of this connection. It is my hope that viewers feel their own experiences, perceptions and passions reflected in my sculptures.

Yenny Cocq Portrait Sculpture Artist
Love, ignited my passion for sculpting.”
love sculptures, from my hands to your heart

Yenny Cocq is a life-long artist. Exhibiting a natural inclination toward the arts at an early age, she created her first painting at 6 and sold her first piece at 15. While her dedication and talent were evident early on, she credits the breadth of her artistic abilities to her primary education in Germany. Yenny’s high school art classes were taught by passionate and devoted teachers with doctorates in the arts who recognized and encouraged her talents. Following her completion of an MBA, she returned to the arts with a renewed commitment and skill set that has sustained a successful career as a print-maker, painter and now a sculpture artist.

Yenny’s work is featured in galleries throughout the United States and Europe (for full list see here). From 2004 to 2011, she co-owned a working studio and gallery in Copenhagen, where she taught printmaking, lithography and acrylic painting. She has also taught from her own gallery and studio in New Mexico, as well as in Denmark/Scandanavia through the Golden Acrylics Working Artists Program. Her work has been featured in various juried art shows throughout the US and Europe, including ...., Art San Diego with Alexander Salazar Fine Art, and Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, CO. One of her large sculptures is currently on permanent display in the Benson Sculpture garden in Loveland.

Love, forms my creations—from my heart through my hands and my work, to the embodiment of my sculptures.”