Yenny Cocq Limited Edition NFTs

About the Artist

Yenny Cocq Limited Edition NFTs

This offering will be on OpenSea, linked here.

Yenny’s career as a lifelong professional artist is multifaceted and has included successful work in multiple media, including traditional printmaking, acrylic painting, and most recently— starting in 2006— bronze sculpture. Yenny brings an innovative approach to her life and work, and started learning and working with modern digital tools, 3D files, and 3D printing in 2010. While much of her artwork is still created using traditional casting techniques, much is also produced using 3D printing. This includes everything from her largest piece placed to date in Benson Sculpture Garden to most of her jewelry line.

Yenny is excited about the opportunities NFT publishing brings to both her and her collectors. As an artist, it allows her to explore more opportunities in digital media. For her collectors, it affords them an opportunity to own, and even print for themselves, pieces of her work.

Yenny Cocq Inaugural NFT Offering

For her initial offering, Yenny is presenting an exciting combination of her digital and physical art. This offering is a limited edition of Caress 3D, and will include the NFT, Caress 3-D image, Caress 3-D printable .STL file for 3” figures with rights to print 1 sculpture, and a 3D printed sculpture mounted on a plinth. The initial offering is number 1 of 100.

We treasure our little figures. Part of the family now." -Claudia K

As an innovative artist, Yenny has worked with digital sculpting and 3D printing techniques for over a decade, Become an inaugural collector of her original art bundles with a digital representation minted as an NFT.

Yenny—my husband, Marty, and I love, love your work. Our little couple moves around the house. I’ll have to share more photos. Marty decided after I gave them to him for our 19th anniversary (which he loved and admired the craftsmanship and artistry) to move them to a new place every day to surprise me. He delights when I 'discover' them. It has been great fun." -Claudia K.