Close to Me 10″ verdigris bronze statue

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Close to Me 10″ verdigris bronze statue. The sculpture is 10″ from head to toe. The green, turquoise patina is called verdigris and is a traditional patina for bronze. Maybe you have been in the park at some point and have noticed a turquoise colored sculpture. The sculptures are in a limited edition of 60, they are signed and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity for your records.

The couple can sit on a ledge or can be mounted on a natural stone base. Tan limestone or a gray shell stone available.  Close to Me 10″ verdigris bronze statue is one of three patina colors I have in stock. If you are interested in gold brown or classic dark patina, click on the link or please inquire.

The 4.5 ” version is a little desk statue. This could be a sweet companion piece for the office. A companion pendant is also available in silver or gold-plate.

Close to Me 4.5″


Outdoor and larger sculpture installations:

If you want a larger and more impressive stone plinth, I suggest inquiring with a local landscaper or stone dealer.   Tan limestone and gray shell stone are available up to 50 pounds.

Sculptures of this size are great for the outdoor as well. I collaborate with a stone sculptor, Greg Robertson who carves natural stone like onyx into fountains.

You could also find stone designs of a harder and rarer stone by
Joshua Gannon at a gallery in Madrid, NM


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The sculptures are created using traditional lost wax casting. Only the highest fine art quality bronze is used. The figures are individually finished in either classic black patina with polished highlights, brushed bronze, or silver-plated bronze.

Perfect for
Figurines make a perfect anniversary gift. Celebrate your love with a custom sculptural couple to mark the milestones.

8th – bronze
19th – bronze
21st – sculpture
25th – silver
50th – gold

Also perfect for weddings, engagements or vow renewal ceremonies. Create an interactive family portrait by collecting figures over time.

The statues come in miniature size for the shelf, in table top size, or in various sizes for larger spaces or the sculpture garden. For example, the measurement of the small figures from head to toe without the base is 4.5” for the figures (Caress, The Two of Us). The regular small base measures approx. 4 x 3 x 2″. Horizontal or vertical placement depends on the figures chosen.

Please contact Yenny personally if you’d like to have a larger set.


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Stone Bases

Our natural stone bases are available as optional additions to your purchase of each set of the couple or family figures. Each stone base is unique and the best will be selected for each sculpture set. The bases are subject to availability; a similar base might be substituted. The coloration and texture of the bases varies. Because the rock is natural, minor imperfections may exist.

The bases available are: tan limestone, gray limestone. Upon request also white, carrara marble and black, nero marquina marble. The figures can be mounted or unmounted on their chosen stone base. Please select the base and mounting option.

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