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The love, life-long artist Yenny Cocq, pours into her creations has touched collectors all over the world. Through bronze sculptures, and stunning elegant jewelry, Yenny expresses ever-evolving connections to family through love. She shares, “Love forms my creations—from my heart, through my hands, and work, to the embodiment of my sculpture.” Yenny has been internationally recognized for her pieces and has a huge fan base in Europe, where she once had a gallery in Copenhagen. Today, Santa Fe is her home. Yenny states, “It’s important to be connected to my local customers and community. People are always invited and encouraged to visit my Santa Fe studio.” Over the years her work has morphed and as she notes “Although it’s become larger and wider, the essence of family connections remains the same. It begins with a single figure, and then as times change, relationships grow, perhaps the individual piece gets coupled, or a pet is added, or perhaps children. My work is meant to reflect the nature of people’s families and love.”


Trend Magazine Santa Fe 23 Yenny Cocq advertorial 2023
Yenny Cocq Trend Magazine advertorial 2023

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