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The love, life-long artist Yenny Cocq, pours into her creations has touched collectors all over the world. Through bronze sculptures, and stunning elegant jewelry, Yenny expresses ever-evolving connections to family through love. She shares, “Love forms my creations—from my heart, through my hands, and work, to the embodiment of my sculpture.” Yenny has been internationally recognized for her pieces and has a huge fan base in Europe, where she … [Read more...] about Trend Magazine


Popular sculptor Yenny Cocq speaks to Artfinder about creating "her little people" and the challenges of becoming a full-time artist. I get asked why I chose to be an artist all the time. You are born an artist, it is not a choice. I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, my identity as an artist is pretty firm and deeply rooted. I’m not saying I never had any doubt, or fear. This is something I had to overcome, I had to tackle family … [Read more...] about Artfinder